PALS Clinics are Every 4 Weeks. 

PALS Next Clinic is April 7, 2024

PALS Clinics have returned to first come, first served basis and will no longer require sign up in advance or offer appointment times. Please read this entire post before coming to request services. 

We provide DAPP vaccines to dogs and puppies, FVRCP for cats and kittens, as well as deworming and flea treatment for both. We provide Rabies to pets that have received all necessary DAPP & FVRCP. It’s up to owners to bring all necessary prior vaccine records, even if received from PALS. 

PALS does not perform full exams and cannot address health concerns, we are providing preventive care to currently healthy pets. If you feel your pet needs to see a vet, we will gladly refer you or you can go to PetVet PetFood. 

Dogs/puppies must have collars & leashes and be able to be safely handled by our crew. Cats and kittens need to be in enclosed carriers. This is for the safety of your pet and our volunteers, no exceptions. 

*LITTERS* – DONATION REQUIRED – loud and clear – our clinics are meant to serve low and no income people who need our services to keep their pets happy and healthy family members. This does not apply to litters, whether they will be given or sold to new homes. Litters are either accidental due to lack of spay and neuter, or intentional and they are then given away or most often sold. PALS asks for $10 donation per animal in each litter to provide services as this is our actual cost for vaccines, dewormer and flea protection. We work very hard to fundraise for our clinics and to keep them free, but not to give a litter a free set of first shots before you sell them or support independent rescue. This applies to puppies as well as kittens. 

As a reminder, PALS is fully staffed by volunteers, who generously give their time to help keep everyone’s pets in the Community healthy. If you can afford to receive services elsewhere, such as PetVet or a low-cost vaccine clinic, we encourage you to use that option as it will free up a space for someone who might not otherwise be able to afford vaccines. 

Our clinic location is outside Ira Jinkins Community Center, 9175 Edes Ave, Oakland. Service will begin about 9:15am. We accept people/ pets until we are at capacity which can happen as early as 9am and is hard to predict. We are too busy at clinic to check messages or email. If you need services, you need to come early.

PALS reserves the right to refuse services and is under no obligation to provide services to anyone. Please remain respectful in all communications and interactions. When parking, please leave the three parking spaces all the way to the right in the row adjacent the building for us to park & unload. 

PALS Clinic is held in a public park where there is no expectation of privacy. Volunteers take pictures, clients take pictures, I take pictures and some of these pictures get posted online. We do not need to obtain permission to take pictures in a public setting. We always ask when taking a picture of people, especially children. If for any reason you do not want your pet photographed, please receive your services elsewhere. I will not make any promises or guarantees that any pet that attends will not wind up on social media. We are once again seeing over 200 pets per clinic and special arrangements of this nature are just too difficult. 

By coming to PALS clinic, you attest that you have read and agree to all information provided as a condition of receiving services. Thank you for understanding.

Donations of any size are greatly appreciated!!